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Well done Manchester and Leeds!

Big congratulations to our Manchester and Leeds branches which held Open Days last month, offering great deals and free samples for local businesses and families.

We’d like to say a massive well done to branch managers Umut and Arturs, and their fantastic teams, for making both days such a success. We were really impressed with the vibrant decorations and the unique use of JJ’s fish and chip packaging!

Each branch enjoyed double-digit sales boost and a steady stream of new business for the day – great work!

Following the success of this year’s Open Days and demand from customers across the country, we will be holding bigger Open Days across all eleven JJ branches in 2018.  

View the photo gallery here!




leeds f&c day (5 of 13)

leeds f&c day (4 of 13)

leeds f&c day (8 of 13)

leeds f&c day (13 of 13)

leeds f&c day (3 of 13)


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