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We are Bringing in the Dough

We are helping caterers to take a slice of the booming artisan bread market with the launch of our own multi-grain and plain white sour dough baguettes.

The part-baked frozen baguettes (BAK387 & 386) are part of JJ’s best-selling Letsdough bakery range, and are available in packs of 26 X 140g from just £3.49, just 13p per baguette, if ordered and paid for online.  The sour dough market in the UK has grown tremendously over the past year, and is forecast to keeping growing globally by 6.9% through 2023*.

Cherry (left) and Terry (right) held a tasty sampling session at our Enfield branch last week

Sour dough is considered to be ‘healthier’ than some other breads due to being easier to digest and having a lower Glycemic Index, which can help to keep blood sugar levels low. View the products here. *’Global Sour Dough Market’, Mordor Intelligence

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