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Veganuary: 6 vegan swaps for your takeaway business

Updated: May 17, 2022

Are you a takeaway business looking to get involved in Veganuary?

Look no further. This guide will give you some inspiration to put a vegan twist on some takeaway classics.

Sensational Sushi

Sushi is a great customisable dish, suitable for vegans and those looking for a healthy meal that is still a treat. With an array of vegetables, fruits and plant-based meat and fish alternatives, the possibilities are endless.

Here’s some of our favourites:

  • Avocado and mango rolls

  • Sweet potato tempura, avocado and cucumber roll

  • Crispy fried tofu, cucumber, carrot and pickled red onion sushi rolls

  • Aubergine nigiri

  • Teriyaki tofu nigiri with crispy shallots

All of these can be drizzled with, or served alongside a spicy vegan mayo, or classic soy sauce to dip in.

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Irresistible Italian

Who says vegans have to miss out on pizza and pasta dishes? With our huge selection of vegan cheeses, vegetable toppings and plant based options, you can serve up some incredible tasty dishes.

Some dishes that we love are:

  • Spaghetti and meatless meatballs

  • Creamy cashew carbonara

  • Caramelised mushroom pizza with vegan mozzarella and sweet onions

  • Vegan ‘meat-free’ feast pizza with plant-based sausages and ground beef

  • Classic risotto with your choice of vegetables

Shop the vegan Italian range here.

Mouth-watering Mexican

Mexican food is full of flavoursome vegetables and replacing the meat with plant-based alternatives doesn’t change the dish drastically. Your vegan guests will still be able to enjoy these Mexican classics:

  • Nachos with vegan mince, refried beans, chopped tomatoes and bell peppers. Topped off with heaps of vegan cheese, salsa and guacamole

  • Chilli non carne

  • Vegan enchiladas with sweet potato, spinach and black beans

  • Quorn chicken and jalapeno quesadillas with sweetcorn, red onion and avocado

Shop the vegan Mexican range here.

Intense Indian

Indian food is heavily based around vegetables already, and some incredible dishes can be created with simple swaps to suit those partaking in Veganuary.

Here’s some ideas:

  • Chickpea curry with creamed coconut

  • Tofu tikka masala

  • Tandoori vegetables

  • Red lentil soup

  • Vegan butter chicken

Why not serve alongside fluffy rice or our vegan vegetable samosa’s – the perfect accompaniment.

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Chinese Classics

Chinese is the ultimate takeaway treat, but these healthier options won’t have your guests feeling so slumped after devouring. Packed full of healthy ingredients, these recipes will be a great addition to Veganuary menus.

We love the sound of:

  • Sweet and sour tofu

  • Vegetable chow mein

  • Edamame noodle soup with bok choi, mushrooms, bean sprouts and sugar snap peas

  • Crispy cauliflower pancakes with plum sauce

  • Salt and pepper chips

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Authentic American

Indulgent takeaway at its finest! Would you really think the true American classics could be made vegan? Well, think again:

  • Plant-based burgers with a selection of toppings – vegan cheese, avocado, onions, tomatoes

  • Vegan mac ‘n’ cheese

  • Smoky, sweet glazed vegetables

  • BBQ tofu wings

  • Hot dogs with plant-based sausage, crispy onions, mustard and ketchup – a classic!

You can shop the American vegan selection here.

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