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Use the Voucher Code System On Your Website

A FOODit built website can now accept discount vouchers!

Discount voucher codes are a great way to give deals to specific people. For example you could give the code to new customers to encourage them to order online, or to existing customers who haven’t ordered for a while.

Our voucher codes can offer customers either a % discount, or a £ saving off the total.

You can also restrict the voucher with:

– A date range

– A minimum spend for collection, delivery or both

– A maximum number of times the code can be used

Using online voucher codes will increase sales

We recommend getting stickers printed with your voucher code (which can be a short code of your choice, or a web link to the code). Put the stickers on menus, order receipts and on packaging. Use them to target specific groups of your customers, eg: first time customers to encourage them to order again.

Contact us on 0843 202 505 to find out how to set up a voucher code deal on your website today.

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