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Top marketing tips for your takeaway 2022

Updated: May 18, 2022

Are you a takeaway business and want to crack down on your marketing strategy for 2022?

If you are in need of some fresh marketing tips, we’ve got you covered.

Capture exceptional images

Great photography creates a great first impression. Invest in capturing high-quality food photographs to showcase your business’s offerings.

  • As a takeaway business, this is one of the most important elements to generate sales – customers will know what you are offering and exactly what they are going to receive

  • In addition, exceeding customers’ expectations will drive repeat business

  • A photography session also enables you to build a bank of photos which can be used to advertise your brand through social media channels

  • Attractive photography drives traffic and reinforces your brand in your customer’s mind

  • If you don’t have the budget to hire a photographer, a smartphone will also take great photos; just ensure you have good lighting and styling props to create professional looking images

Create brand power

With the rise of dark kitchens dominating the takeaway scene, creating a powerful brand is key to success; especially if your brand doesn’t have a bricks and mortar shop.

  • Even with a physical premises, it’s important to reinforce your brand with your diners at every given moment

  • To do this, your business needs to ensure that every single customer touch points is branded – from the packaging your food is delivered in, to your delivery drivers uniform and vehicles, your brand should be prominently displayed throughout the customers’ journey

  • Branded stickers are great to use on your packaging – from pizza boxes to brown paper bags, they are an effective and easy way to personalise what your customer receives

Click here to get in touch with our FOODit team for branded stickers for your restaurant or takeaway.

Challenge the leader

Go after those market leaders within your industry. Are the big-name brands doing something you can compete with? Do you know you can offer better quality for lower prices? Claim it!

  • Let your customers know that your pizzas are 40% bigger than a market leader and £5 cheaper than them too

  • Just prepare to back up your claims with facts!

  • It’s an effective tactic to put your brand forward as an alternative choice for their takeaway, and also promotes your brands offerings against other big names in your market

Distribute your menus in the local area

Direct marketing is a must! Invest in menu distribution – it is one of the most affordable methods of advertising and is still effective to this day, even when the majority of restaurants have moved online.

  • The physical leaflet that gets posted through a customer’s door is promoting your brand in the local area

  • Research shows Thursdays are the best day for menu distribution, to reinforce the brand in the consumers’ mind just before the most popular takeaway days – Friday and Saturday

  • Even if your potential or existing customer places that leaflet in their menu drawer, your brand has still made it’s way into a customer’s home and they know it’s there for when they need it

Brand your vehicles

If you are independently delivering your customers’ orders rather than using a food delivery service, a confident design on delivery vehicles is another powerful touch point for takeaway businesses.

  • Your design should include as little information as possible – no address or contact number

  • Focus on projecting your brand name as big as possible on the vehicle, with your brand colours standing out

  • Your bold design will catch customers’ eyes – parked up outside your premises, on the go making deliveries or parked in random locations

  • For example, parked outside of a busy train station when commuters arrive back home after a long day at work, thinking about what they are going to eat for dinner ensures your brand is there to guide them

Work with the local community

Give back to your local community and make it seen.

  • Sponsor local clubs (e.g. sports clubs), donate food to homeless kitchens or allow your customers to donate to charity through your website

  • Promoting your brand working with charities and showing your business giving back to the community resonates well with your audience and humanises your brand

Tell people you are great at what you do

As a business, you need to ensure you are active in as many marketing channels as possible:

  • 6-12% of your business’s total sales should be spent on marketing, according to Experian. It is an extremely important cost in order to gain new customers and retain existing ones

  • Social media is a great tool to promote your business – just ensure you use the right channels for your audience:

  • Instagram and TikTok are highly effective for younger audiences, and video content also captures higher levels of engagement

  • Facebook’s largest demographic are users between the ages of 25-34, according to Sprout Social. Use Facebook ads to promote your business page to users within your local area

  • Don’t forget about more traditional methods of advertising, including online directories like Google My Business, pop-up stalls within your local town, local papers and community events

The No.1 marketing strategy for takeaways

YOU decide what your customer is going to have for dinner.

Become so prominent within your customers’ daily life that you influence their decision.

The conjunction of multiple brand touch points and marketing activities in one day; including branded vehicles, uniformed distribution teams, menu delivery, text message marketing and email marketing are powerful tools to reach your customers from various angles, reinforcing your brand and influencing their decision making.

Need help setting up your business online, or want an extra hand with branded marketing?

Click here to get in contact with our restaurant website building team at FOODit.

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