Three Reasons Why Fresh Welsh Lamb is Currently Better


To help promote JJ’s fresh Welsh lamb range to customers, staff quizzed the experts about why Welsh lamb is better. Here were some of the responses:

  1. It has the stamp of approval – the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) certifies that the meat is 100% reared in Wales and is fully traceable back to the producer. This is vital as a growing number of consumers want to know where their food is from.

  2. Welsh farmers have better farmingpractices – Welsh farmers have high standards of animal welfare and land management which has helped to produce the highest quality lean meat, whilst maintaining and preserving the beautiful landscape.

  3. Production is more family-oriented – Welsh lamb production also tends to be smaller and more family oriented with smaller flocks, unlike New Zealand where farms cover large areas. As a result the meat is carefully produced and well looked after.

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