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Think Inside the Bun

Updated: May 26, 2022

We are encouraging caterers to increase burger sales with the launch of our ‘Think Inside the Bun’ campaign. JJ’s ‘Gourmet’ and ‘Texan’ burger range contain up to 98% beef so we have invested in a social media, print leaflet and press campaign to highlight the quality of ingredients and processes used in developing the premium range.

The campaign image above clearly demonstrate how these premium burgers compare with our basics and mid-range alternatives.

Consumers care about what’s inside their burger – from how it’s been sourced to the amount of beef content inside. So we are re-vamping our premium range with educational materials – across social media and print – that highlight these important qualities.

Prices start from just £15.99 (24x170g) for the 6oz Texan burger (BUR100) and £18.99 (36x142g) for the 5oz Gourmet burger (BUR079).

More sizes are available online.  That’s as little as 67p per patty! Caterers can charge around £8 to put a Gourmet burger on their menu – that’s a beefy margin! The Texan range is scored to support fast and even cooking and both the Gourmet and Texan burgers are tender-formed, a technique which helps to retain juices. 

Each burger is interleaved to support portion control.

A YouTube video and educational print flyer will be launched later this month. View the Gourmet and Texan Burger Ranges here.

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