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Thank you for your business and loyalty in 2020

We would like to thank you all our staff, customers and suppliers for their support and loyalty in 2020. 

Our team has been working day and night throughout the pandemic to deliver food and drink to thousands of businesses and homes.

JJ staff worked day and night to support more than 80,000 businesses and homes in 2020

As we say goodbye to 2020 (finally!) we’d like to remind you about our health and safety procedures.

These will help to keep you and our teams safe in the New Year. 

On behalf of everyone at JJ Foodservice, we’d like to wish you a safe and happy 2021. 

We are COVID Safe

We continue to uphold the highest health and safety standards.

Our branches are COVID safe environments and our teams have been trained to regularly clean equipment and wash hands.

Deliveries are contactless and all employees maintain social distancing.

We are Brexit Ready

30% of JJ products are sourced from EU countries and we are using alternative suppliers to keep everything running normally.

We’d like to assure our customers that our supply chain is robust there is plenty of food and drink for everyone. 

Pay Online By Card

We continue to encourage customers to order and pay online to minimise social interaction and reduce cash handling.

Ordering and paying online gives you the best prices and reduces the need to wait around – you can be in and out fast.

If you run a food business, please keep an eye on our social media where we will post updates and useful articles to support your business.

Visit the JJ Website

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