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Talk about JJ Next Day Home Delivery and Get £30 off

Shoppers are facing long delays to get their usual grocery deliveries, so we have stepped in to help and we need YOU to help spread the word.

 We are now offering a NEW Next Day Home delivery service offering key household essentials like bottled water and fresh and frozen foods. 

Online orders placed by 9pm will be delivered the next day with a minimum order of just £79.

To receive your £30 voucher:

  1. Talk about our new home delivery service in an Instagram Story Post or Feed and Facebook post (video or image and text) 

  2. Mention the terms ‘Next Day Delivery’, ‘Order and Pay Online’   

  3. And add all the following tags:   #ad @who #flattenthecurve #socialdistancing #coronavirus #viralkindness #covid19 #keepyourdistance @jj_food_service  #jjfoodservice 

House Rules:

Include #ad and all the above tags 

Keep the Story Ad up for its 24-hour period 

Keep the Facebook ad up for a minimum of 5 days 

We will contact each person who has successfully submitted a post within the campaign period to be sent a £30 JJ Foodservice voucher code to use online. The campaign will run between 23rd March and 2nd April.

Here is an Instagram ‘story’ from a happy JJ Foodservice Home Delivery customer

#coronavirus #Enfield #groceries #wholesale

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