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Supporting Schools with a NEW Education Micro-Site

 National wholesaler JJ Foodservice has launched a micro-site specifically for education caterers, to offer advice on best-selling products, recipes and education news.

JJ’s Business Development Manager for Education, Richard Bradshaw, said, “We’ve noticed a dramatic increase in schools embracing technology – we want to help by offering even more digital support.”

In addition to its online ordering website and App, which offers a speedy ‘one tap’ checkout, school caterers now can access the education micro-site, designed to offer caterers menu inspiration based on what popular items other school caterers are using.

“We are not just a food and drink wholesaler – we want school caterers to see us as their partner in business”, said Richard. “By working with us, they have access to the best products, prices and all-round support”, he added.

In addition to the micro-site, this year JJ’s has also developed its environmental credentials, which will help to support schools even further.

“Our investment in telematics has reduced vehicle idling by 70% and cut carbon emissions by 2%. All our branches are MSC-certified and operate in a totally paperless environment

“By working with us, school caterers can be assured that they have aligned themselves to a supplier who cares about the future,” added Richard.

Existing customers are already reaping the benefits.

Kevin Hobart, Head of Juniper Ventures Ltd, said “Working with the right supplier is key – we chose JJ’s because they are responsive, competitively priced and can work in a fully digital environment.

We have been able to cut down on our use of paper and limit food wastage. JJ’s is the first wholesaler that’s been able to work with us in this way.”

Visit the new site here:


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