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Support for Shielding Communities

Big thank you to Delivery Manager Lukasz (pictured), Branch Manager Iskren and all the Sidcup team for their support to arrange a next-day delivery to a shielding family in Surrey.

We came across Sharon Cranfield’s story on BBC News – her daughter has Cystic Fibrosis which makes her highly vulnerable to COVID-19.

Big thank you to Lucasz and the Sidcup team

She must remain at home for 12 weeks and told us that she was facing a two-week wait to get key grocery essentials from the supermarkets.

We sent a next day delivery of goodies to support her daughter’s ‘athlete-style’ diet of 3000-4000 calories a day. Sharon’s delivery was contact-free.

Sharon Tweeted her thanks to JJ, saying that the team are ‘filling a gap in the market’ at a critical time. We were so pleased to be able to do something small to help.

If you are aware of anyone that is shielding (which means they are extremely vulnerable to COVID19) please share our details with them, as we can offer a next day, contact-less delivery service of grocery essentials.

Thank you to the Daily Express who wrote this article on vulnerable people with cystic fibrosis with a kind shout out to JJ at the end.

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