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Sun Shines for Doncaster!

Updated: May 12, 2022

The sun was shining for JJ’s Doncaster Trade Day yesterday – BIG thank you for Baris and his excellent team for running a successful day, both customers and JJ staff were smiling all day long! 

The Trade Day was held to offer local businesses in Doncaster great deals and an opportunity to (if they haven’t already) meet their local team. A range of free samples were available on the day including  Innocent smoothies, mini portions of Award-winning fish and chips from Kingfisher, Lavazza coffee, burgers and much more!

It was great to see existing customers together with a few new faces who have since opened new JJ Foodservice accounts.

Congratulations again to the Doncaster team whose professional and friendly service helped to create an enjoyable day for all.

Here’s the highlights (and lots of happy faces!)

The next JJ Trade Day is being help on Sunday 9th at the Manchester branch – register here. 

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