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Success for Newcastle and Doncaster!

Last month our Newcastle and Doncaster branches held Open Days to promote JJ products to local businesses and families.

Visitors were able to sample a range of products, including our new Icelandic fish range and JJ’s new chippy chips which were cooked up by Award-winning mobile caterer Flipping & Frying (below).

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Each branch invested in their own unique decorations to add colour and fun to the day – the creative team at Doncaster hired country-style party bales (haystacks) to sit on and used DIY fish & chip boxes to make vibrant bunting (great idea!)

Over at Newcastle, the team built a huge display to highlight the products on offer with red and blue balloons, had a marquee to engage and share information with visitors, and even hired a musician to play live music.

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Big congratulations to the teams at each branch for all their hard work, particularly branch managers Onur Aslan and Baris Erboz. The Open Day resulted in a fantastic uplift in sales and plenty of interest from new business.

Next up are Manchester and Leeds who are having Open Days later this month on 20th and 27th August – good luck to Arturs, Umut and each of your teams – we can’t wait to see your pictures!

We will be promoting the events with social media advertising so please feel free to like and share. Have a look at the full gallery below. 

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