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Sales up 16% in January 2020

We are urging foodservice wholesalers who are looking to sell, to get in touch as we gear up to supply more UK caterers.

Following the announcement of our depot hunt last month, we are now on the lookout for acquisitions as the food and drink wholesale industry faces a period of further consolidation caused by the hard-hitting impact of Brexit.

Investing in ETA technology to improve service has been one of many drivers of growth

Brexit will have a huge impact on wholesale, with food prices expected to increase by as much as 16%, according to the FWD’s Future of UK Wholesale Report.

Chief Finance Officer for JJ Foodservice, Edward Lanham, said, “Competition is fiercer than ever before and our industry will experience a tightening squeeze on margins.

“Naturally, not everyone can come out the other side. We are interested in acquisitions that will ensure that UK restaurants and caterers continue getting the products and reliable service that they need.”

JJ Foodservice has reported that sales for the month of January 2020 are up 16% compared with sales for the same period the previous year.


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