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Introducing a New Payment Method – Pay by Bank

We are excited to announce a new simple payment method, Pay by Bank, that will allow customers to shop quickly and securely without the need to enter payment details.

Pay by Bank offers bank-grade security and takes place in just a few quick steps.

What’s more, we’re offering amazing discounts when you give it a try.

So, what are you waiting for?

✅ Pay quickly and safely

✅ Enjoy bank-grade security

✅ Get exclusive Pay by Bank deals!

Pay by Bank FAQ

What is Pay by Bank?

Pay by Bank is a new payment method that allows you to pay for your shopping quickly and securely by using Open Banking.

Open Banking allows customers to pay using their bank account instead of a card. It’s simple to use and takes place in just a few quick steps, with no account setup required and without the need to enter payment details.

Simply select the Pay by Bank option during the checkout process, at which point you will log in to your mobile banking app to seamlessly authorise and complete your payment.

Why is JJ launching this new payment method?

In a world where costs and fees keep going up, Pay by Bank offers a cost-effective payment method, which helps us to keep passing on great savings to you.

Is Pay by Bank safe?

Yes. Pay by Bank is a safe way to pay and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This is a new payment method where you safely transfer money to us directly from your bank account, through an FCA authorised third-party provider.

What’s more, the payment itself is handled entirely by your bank, which means that you benefit from bank-grade security.

How does it work – 5 simple steps

  1. At the checkout, select Pay by Bank as your method of payment. This will take you to a list of UK registered banks.

  2. Select the bank you wish to pay from. When the bank is selected, it will authorise the payment according to its own security measures. This is likely to come in the form of ID authentication or your unique pin code.

  3. If you don’t have a banking app, you will be taken to your bank’s website and will be asked to enter your log in details.

  4. Once the payment has been authenticated, all the necessary information (account number, value etc) will be pre-populated on the page – easy!

  5. Simply select ‘confirm’ and the payment will be completed.

TOP TIP: For the best experience and to avoid manually entering log in details, download your bank’s official banking app.

Waiting for funds to settle can be frustrating. While cards and Direct Debit payments can take days for funds to settle, open banking payments provide instant settlement, ensuring that everyone gets their money back when they need it.

Why should I Pay by Bank?

It’s safe, secure, and we are offering amazing savings on best-selling JJ Foodservice products when you Pay by Bank, so it will also cost you less!

How long does it take for the money to come out?

With most of the UK major banks, the transfer is instant! That’s even better news if you need to cancel an order.

Can I get Pay by Bank Promotions with a Debit or Credit Card?

No. Pay by Bank Promotions have been created to help you try our new Pay by Bank payment system. Using a credit or debit card – or paying by cash – do not qualify. You need to select the Pay by Bank option, which bypasses credit or debit payment methods.

Having Trouble? Try this...

  • I can’t get any further than the bank screen

  • My bank says it is offline

  • The journey has timed out

  • I’m receiving error messages in the journey

If any of these happen to you, we suggest you wait a few hours and then check your online or mobile bank app to see if the funds have cleared.

If you are still having trouble, please contact our team via Live Chat or email our friendly customer service team directly

Who are Ecospend?

Ecospend are the third-party provider for this new payment method and are an authorised payment institution regulated by the FCA. They provide open banking capabilities to connect merchants to consumers and businesses safely and securely.

James Hickman, Chief Commercial Officer at Ecospend said "Pay by Bank capabilities will enable JJ's customers to process payments in a cost- and time-effective manner, adding to an overall positive experience for all."

You can find further information about them and their FCA Registration here:

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