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Our Choose Your Charity Fundraiser is LIVE 

National wholesaler JJ Foodservice is giving three charities the chance to win £1000 each with its VIVAT Spring Water fundraiser, which is now open for nominations.

Votes can be placed via the JJ Facebook page where customers, suppliers, employees and the general public must ‘like’ and ‘share’ the post, then nominate their charity via the available link.

Like and share this post on our Facebook page then place your vote!

Votes will be taken during the ten weeks between November 8th and January 17th with winners announced in late January 2019. After the three winners are announced, one of the charities will receive a further £1000 voted for exclusively by JJ Foodservice staff (yes, YOU!).

Over the past few years JJ Foodservice has already donated in excess of £15K to a number of UK charities via VIVAT water sales.

Visit our Facebook Page to like, share and VOTE now! 

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