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NEW Reusable Microwave Containers for Takeaways

Updated: May 18, 2022

We have launched a range of own-label Microwave Containers with Lids to support restaurants and takeaways with food-to-go.

Caterers can choose from two main container sizes, 500ml and 650ml, both available in packs of 250. For sauces and sides, choose from 2oz or 4oz pots, available in packs of 500.

Sturdy containers

The sturdy containers are recyclable, re-usable, microwaveable and can be frozen.

Perfect for hot or cold foods, including liquids, they come with easy-lock lids to avoid leaks and spills.

The new range is available now at introductory prices, starting from just 8p for large lids and 2p for small containers.

Shop the new range here

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