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New Phone System – Excited Yet!?


As a company, we have decided to standardise on a powerful, universal communication platform providing a superior solution for our organisation’s needs. Soon you will be able to message, conduct meetings, make/receive phone calls and serve contact centre customers from one unified platform. We will be deploying the system in two stages with the first stage happening in Jan 2016 and the second happening in Feb 2016.

What’s New?

Skype for Business (previously known as Lync)

–          New Phones and New Headsets

–          Make and receive calls using your Skype for Business client from your smart phone, tablet or PC.

–          Voicemail for Everyone! Yes, for everyone.

–          You will be reachable on your JJ landline phone number even while away from your desk.

Contact Centre

–          Client/Agent is fully integrated into Skype for Business.

–          Automatic Call routing based on your Skype for Business presence status.

–          Customers know their place in the queue.

–          Customers can request a call back but still retain their place in the queue.

–          Advanced dashboards so you can see how our call centre is performing.

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