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Mamma Mia! It’s Your Last Chance to Design a JJ Pizza

The entries have been flooding in – we’ve had everything from a Brexit Pizza to a Slice of Heaven – is your pizza the BIG cheese?

The Leaning Tower of JJ Pizza Boxes – Staff have been battling it out for the best pizza design

Some entries are focused on innovative ingredients, others have focused on the box design – both options count so get your tomato juices flowing and send us your entry!

The final submissions will be accepted THIS Friday and then we will put a shortlist out for the public to vote.

Thank you to everyone that’s taken part so far – the boxes have all been wonderfully fun and creative.

If you are based at the Enfield Branch, pic up a blank box next to Terry Larkin. All other branches can request a box from their branch manager.

Don’t forget, the winning entry will get a pizza-related prize.

The new blank pizza boxes are available to buy now on the JJ website.

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