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Leicester JJ drivers help to stop potentially fatal crash

Over the weekend, two of our drivers helped to prevent a potentially fatal accident after a driver’s brakes failed on the busy motorway!

First class service – Leicester JJ Foodservice Drivers Daniel Samoluk and Florin Wolf

On their way to deliver groceries to homes in Leicester, Daniel Samoluk and Florin Wolf noticed that the front wheel of the motorist in front of them had come off, tearing the brake cables and leaving him unable to stop.

Controlling the vehicle with just three wheels, the driver managed to crash into bushes off road. Our drivers watched everything unfold and blocked traffic, helping to keep the driver safe and even got his wheel back!

The kind daughter of the motorist put this appeal out on Facebook to find the drivers and thank them for their bravery.

The whole team at JJ would also like to thank Daniel and Florin – what a great demonstration of the first class service we always strive for 🙏🏻

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