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JJ to Open Three New Branches in 2016!


This year will see JJ open not just one new branch, but three!

Here is some information about them all:


Newcastle upon Tyne:

Known for its world famous football team Newcastle United, its city is situated in the North East of England, 277 miles from London and a population of around 280,000.

The local dialect is Geordie, a development of the language spoken by the Anglo-Saxons.

The name Newcastle came from a castle built in the 1080’s by Robert Curthose, William the Conqueror’s son. The Architecture is Jacobean and modern with a display of some dramatically high bridges along its Tyne river.

Our new branch is only 1 mile from the centre. It is a 37,000 sq ft branch with a panoramic showroom. The entire building is being re-cladded with new canopies, the entire yard re-concreted, and new fencing installed to make it stand out as modern.



A large suburb of east London, and about 9 miles from the city centre, the area in which our new branch is situated is by the A13, and not far from the River Thames.

With a population of around 187,000 we are certain that our purpose built branch will cater for many local businesses.

At a size of 26,300 sq ft, and with a 12m eaves height, it will be our tallest branch yet. 

The branch also features a double story glazed front and large canopies.



Finding recent fame with its Leicester City Football Club winning their first top level championship, the 2015-2016 Premier League, Leicester is the place to be this year and that’s where JJ Food Service is now.

A city in the East Midlands of England with a population of over 330,000, Leicester is one of the oldest cities in England dating back to the 2nd or 1st centuries BC.

The city, being developed by the Romans, has a lot of ancient treasures to discover.

The new branch is being completely re-developed, from a new roof with skylights, new cladding and concreting of the entire yard, to a brand new office block and showroom.

The branch will certainly stand out as the best looking warehouse in the entire locality.

It is proposed to open all branches Autumn 2016.

If you are interested in working at one of the above, please feel free to speak to your manager.

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