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JJ Thanks Its Team and Suppliers for Record Sales in its 30 Year History

JJ Foodservice has achieved record sales following a surge in demand, with sales up 13% in May 2021, compared with May 2019.

Head of Operations, Kaan Hendekli, said: “Our team worked day and night to keep service levels and product availability high throughout the pandemic.”

“As a result, we managed to win the trust and support of more customers than ever before. Our figures are the best they’ve ever been,” he added.

Sales in May 2021 hit a record £21.3 million, versus £18.9 million in May 2019, an increase of 13%.

Meanwhile, shoppers were up 45% in May 2021 compared with May 2019.

“The hard work of our team and suppliers has paid off and helped us to deliver every time,” he added. “We are delighted with the results and will continue to work hard to support the hospitality sector.”

JJ launched a recruitment campaign last month and purchased 20 new delivery vehicles to support its continued growth.

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