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JJ Supports Newham School’s Caterer to Expand!

Newham Council’s Catering and Cleaning Service has just doubled its shopping list with JJ Food Service and has plans to roll out their paperless catering service to support even more businesses in the local area – all with the support of the team and products at JJ’s!

Kevin Hobart, Head of Catering at Newham Catering & Cleaning Service says, “Working with the right supplier is key – we chose JJ’s because they are responsive, competitively priced and can work in a fully digital environment.” This is particularly important since Newham school cooks have been getting technical.

Schools Chefs Get Digital

“All of our kitchen managers have touch-screen tablets, which they now use to process information on a daily basis”, explains Kevin.

“It’s a slick operation with little margin for error. It’s helped to improve our service and allows us to reduce our carbon footprint, as we have been able to cut down on our use of paper and limit food wastage through having frequent access to real-time data. JJ’s is the first wholesaler that’s been able to work with us in this way,” he said.


JJ’s are also very local to our business – we place orders for delivery from the Enfield and Dagenham branches – the small 7.5 tonne vehicles are state-of-the-art multi-temperature vehicles, which can easily nip in and out of the local area and keep chilled, fresh and frozen products at optimum temperatures.

Communication and Trust

Good communication and trust are also important, adds Kevin. “The team at JJ’s has supported us with all our requirements – including getting new products in which were not previously listed. And sourcing products competitively, to suit our budget.”

Despite previously only buying frozen products from JJ’s, Kevin now buys a range of items including chilled dairy, poultry and potato products, tinned fruits and vegetables, bakery and desserts, vegetarian and vegan options, and more!

“We’ve just recently doubled our business with JJ’s,” he said. “A big challenge for us in 2018 is to get the best value out of our suppliers. We know that JJ’s sells across a range of categories and when we benchmarked them against other suppliers, they performed really well and helped us to consolidate our shop to one pace.”

As a result, at the end of last year, Newham renewed its multi-million pound contract with JJ’s and added additional products to more than double its value.

JJ Truck 2014 Churchill Statue copy

Newham is one of a very small number of authorities that provide free school meals to junior pupils as well as infants. In April 2018, the catering and other services currently provided by the Newham team are being externalised as a stand-alone business under the name of Juniper Ventures Limited.

“The team at JJ’s offers the range, service and trust we need to put together nutritious and tasty school menus – while keeping within our budget. We look forward to building on that trust as we expand our business this year and beyond.”

If you are a school or University caterer and would like to know more about how JJ can support you – please get in touch with

Nina Grosicka, Group Accounts Acquisition Manager/ Nutritionist, JJ Food Service, 07818 572 326;


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