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JJ Staff Vote for Team Jak

Updated: May 26, 2022

The winner of our VIVAT Charity fundraiser (internal vote) is Team Jak – a Scottish charity set up to support children with terminal illnesses.

Team Jak and three other charities have been given £1000 each as part of the VIVAT Spring Water campaign which donates money made from sales of JJ’s own-label water to registered charities.

Our team have made a video to highlight the winners

Our graphics team have created a short video to highlight all the winning charities and to encourage people to keep donating.

Head of Operations at JJ Foodservice, Sedat Kaan Hendekli, said:

“This campaign helped to raise awareness of smaller charities that are not necessarily on everyone’s radar. Some are local to our branches – some are not. But they are all hugely worthwhile. Thank you to the general public and our very own team for taking the time to place more than 1000 votes.”

Visit JJ’s Facebook Page to see the video and for more information on the winners.

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