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JJ Staff Volunteer at The Felix Project Kitchen

Updated: Feb 20

Five of our JJ team took to The Felix Project kitchen in Poplar on Tuesday morning, preparing surplus food to be made into healthy, nutritious meals for the East London community.

Split into two groups, two of the team spent their morning chopping potatoes and vegetables, which were donated to The Felix Project as surplus stock, due to being short-dated and oddly-shaped.

The other half of the group were portioning and packaging meals into containers, ready to be distributed to the local community, including carrot and pumpkin soup!

“The staff at The Felix Project are incredible with the work they do. It was a truly rewarding morning”, said JJ Communications Assistant, Leyla Motisi.

“Seeing the large quantities of donated food come into the kitchen in crates is an overwhelming feeling, but it’s evident that this work cannot be achieved by The Felix Project without the help of its volunteers.”

“It’s great knowing the food you are preparing is going to a good cause,” she added.

Alongside Leyla, attendees from JJ on the day included Sushmitha Venkatesh - HR Administrator from Enfield, Halil Canci - Dagenham Branch Manager, Dimitris Tsavos - Picking Manager from Dagenham, and Sedat Yalcinkaya, Operations Manager from Enfield.

Other volunteering roles include sorting through the donated food in the warehouse, delivering meals in Felix’s bright green vans direct to food banks, charities, schools and day centres, and the admin work that ties it all together.

The JJ team will continue to work closely with The Felix Project to provide voluntary support, in a bid to tackle food poverty across London.

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