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JJ Launches SAME DAY Grocery Delivery Service

Updated: May 12, 2022

National food and drink wholesaler JJ Foodservice has launched a same-day home delivery service* to get household essentials to Londoners in record time.

Enfield, Sidcup and Dagenham are running a same day service

Head of Operations at JJ Foodservice, Sedat Kaan Hendekli, said, “In addition to our next day delivery service, we are now excited to launch a same day service.

“Orders placed between midnight and 11am, Monday to Friday, from our Enfield, Dagenham and Sidcup branches will be received on the same day. It’s the fastest we’ve ever delivered!”

Meanwhile, supermarkets are still advising that most food will need to be purchased in-store during the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.

“Some supermarkets can only fulfil 10% of orders – we can fulfil 100% and now we can do it in record time”, added Kaan. 

1500 veggie fish finger meals were sent to St James Hospital’s Cystic Fibrosis Ward

Following the closure of restaurants and schools, JJ Foodservice redeployed its workforce to supply thousands of households including vulnerable and shielding communities.

The business has been recommended as an ‘alternative supplier’ by Time Out, The Telegraph and on the Cystic Fibrosis Trust website.

An emergency high calorie snack delivery was sent to Sharon Cranfield for her CF daughter

A Household Essentials range has been launched to provide smaller pack sizes of fresh fruits, vegetables and meats alongside other key grocery products. Start shopping at and search ‘Household.’

To check deliveries in your area, enter your post code on the JJ Branch Locator.

*Area coverage may vary depending on your location.

Visit the JJ Foodservice Website

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