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JJ Launches Eco and Vegan Friendly Cleaning Products

We have launched a new range of eco-friendly hygiene products following a surge in demand for environmentally friendly options. Available now are eco- and vegan-friendly Washing Up Liquid, Multi-Action Cleaning Spray, All Purpose Cleaner and Compostable Food Waste Liners.

All products are Vegan Society Approved and are contained in 100% recyclable bottles. The new range follows a surge in sales of eco-packaging products. Compostable and biodegradable boxes, cups, lids, straws, trays and plates – launched just 12 months ago – are now part of the group’s fastest-growing categories.

Eco-friendly disposables, including straws, are part of our fastest-growing categories

“The appetite for eco-friendly products is increasing by the day”, said Group General Manager for JJ’s, Terry Larkin. “Whether you’re a mobile caterer or a high-end restaurant, consumers expect eco friendly options.” Eco Packaging sales at JJ Foodservice have increased by 92% in the past seven months (March 2019 to October 2019); volume sales have increased by 181% and new shoppers buying from the category have increased by 112% for the same periods respectively.  See the new products here.


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