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JJ Foodservice Gets Ready to Support More Schools

JJ is getting ready to ramp up business with schools with an “attractive package” of fully digitalised ordering and a greater focus on sustainability and social value.

The wholesaler has been supplying schools for several years and has been working with education specialists to help increase its distribution to the education sector.

“Our digital capabilities combined with a growing focus on sustainability presents an attractive package for school caterers,” said Chief Sales Officer, Baris Kacar.

JJ Foodservice is fully Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enabled and has integrated with Cypad to automate the process of placing orders, reducing the need for manual data entry, helping to minimise errors, and reduce costs.

Digital Capabilities

The system provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, allowing JJ to better manage supply chains and ensure that products are always in stock.

“This digital capability has helped us to maintain availability levels of 98.8%,” said Baris.

The group supplies more than 600 schools across the UK including sizeable contracts with Kirklees Council and Juniper Ventures. After recently doubling its business with Kirklees Council, JJ said it is ready to take on more schools. “We have ambitions to double the number of education caterers we work with over the next three years,” said Baris.

We have ambitions to double the number of education caterers we work with over the next three years,” said Baris.

Increasing focus on environment

The team have been continuously improving environmental and social value credentials, which it believes will help school caterers to meet their own sustainability targets.

Currently, JJ Foodservice has solar panels installed in Enfield and Sidcup warehouses and is installing additional solar panels in its remaining branches. By the end of 2023, the business estimates that 36% of its energy consumption will be solar powered.

JJ continues to develop its biodegradable packaging. An impressive 75% of all packaging materials sold by the wholesaler are fully compostable.

Supporting local communities

Last year, JJ partnered with food re-distributor, Fare Share, to pair every JJ branch with a local Fare Share depot to ensure surplus food goes to the places that need it the most.

Employees are also encouraged to take part in volunteering days with local charities including the Felix Project, helping to prepare essential food packages.

Schools or suppliers interested in working with JJ Foodservice can contact

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