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JJ Food Service to Invest £500K into New Solar Panels

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National wholesaler JJ Food Service has completed the installation of solar panels on the roof at the Enfield HQ. The business will invest a total of £500K on the initiative, which will also cover the Sidcup branch. A total of 960 panels were installed, which will be used to generate an estimated 219,000 kWh annually.

Managing director Mustafa Kiamil said, “By improving our environmental credentials we are helping our customers to do the same. Solar energy is sustainable, renewable and the panels require little to no maintenance. It will also help to reduce our energy bill in the long term.”  Once the Sidcup branch is complete, the business will look at rolling out the panels to its other branches across the UK.

Watch JJ’s solar panels being built here in this timelapse video:

Watch the drone footage at:

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