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JJ Assures Customers to “Stay Calm” Over Travel Disruptions and Brexit

Updated: May 12, 2022

JJ Foodservice is encouraging customers to “keep calm” over the latest Brexit delays and COVID disruptions. 

The impact of travel restrictions, Brexit and stricter COVID restrictions have “Shaken us up,” said JJ’s Chief Operating Officer, Mushtaque Ahmed.  

“The timing could not have been any worse for this” he told BBC News yesterday evening.  

“It’s an extra headache to deal with,” but the group is doing everything it can to minimise the impact.   

Well Stocked Up on Key Lines

“Our 11 UK branches are well stocked-up on key lines. We are monitoring the situation 24/7 and are in constant communication with our suppliers.” 

The wholesaler gets 30% of its products from EU countries. It is working with more domestic suppliers to “keep everything running as usual.” 

“There is plenty of food and drink for everyone”, said Mushtaque.

“The UK foodservice supply chain is robust – we will get through this.”  

JJ supplies more than 83,000 customers, including restaurants and homes, with thousands of foods, drinks and packaging products, including fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and poultry.

The group works with more than 1200 suppliers.  

Visit the website.

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