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JJ Adds Fresh Fish to its Advance Order Marketplace

JJ Foodservice has added fresh fish to its range – customers can now enjoy premium quality wild-caught cod and haddock, sea bream, sea bass and salmon fillets.

“We want to offer our customers the ultimate product choice so fresh fish is now available on our Advance Order platform,” said Chief Product Officer, Sezer Ozkul.

Launched earlier this year, the new marketplace-style concept allows customers to receive the freshest possible produce with shorter lead times – this is because products only arrive with JJ once they have been ordered.

“The fish are deboned and filleted to order, and are promptly vacuum-packed to retain optimum flavour,” said Sezer. “Early sales are promising, and we look forward to developing the fresh fish and seafood category based on customer feedback,” he added.

Improving choice across the business

Elsewhere in the business, the Advance Order marketplace has been successfully used to increase the product range in one of JJ’s smaller branches, Dagenham. Using internal transfers from JJ’s Enfield branch, the range has increased by 500 extra products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, soft drinks, and cleaning materials.

“Our goal is to offer more than a thousand new products in our Dagenham branch without the need for additional warehouse space,” said Sezer.

The internal project is just the beginning of JJ’s plans to implement the system across more branches in the New Year. “We look forward to continuing to improve choice, convenience and service for customers in 2023,” he added.

See the new fresh fish range here.

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