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Introducing, Royal Roast

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

We are excited to announce a brand-new addition to our product range – Royal Roast coffee beans!

We set out on a mission to provide our customers with authentic Italian coffee, at an affordable price. After many years of searching for the right partners and perfecting a unique aromatic blend; we are delighted to present Royal Roast.

Our partners on the Amalfi Coast of Italy are a third-generation family business, whose passion for coffee is unrivalled in the region.

Arabica and Robusta coffee beans have been carefully selected from the best green coffee producing countries across three continents - South America, Asia and Africa.

Using state-of-the-art machinery, the beans have been skifully roasted to create a blend with an intense aroma, smooth velvety body and balanced taste, with a sensory profile of cocoa, dark chocolate, dried fruit and spices.

Allow your customers to enjoy the flavour profile of Royal Roast, in a coffee they will love.

At the backdrop of continuous price increases, Royal Roast, an authentic Italian coffee, is brought to our customers at an affordable price.

Shop Royal Roast here.

Check out the video on our YouTube page.

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