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How to sell your food on social – a guide to great pics

Did you know that our FOODit customers have sold more than £20,000 worth of takeaway food on Facebook in the past year?

That’s right! More than 35,000 hungry diners visited FOODit websites via social media – 18,000 of which came from Facebook, alone.

That’s why we want to help all our customers make the most of social.

And the best place to start is with great images.

You don’t need a fancy camera or a degree in photography.

Here’s how FOODit and JJ Foodservice customers are already using simple pics to sell.

It’s quick, easy and you can do it in just a few taps! 👇🏼

Let There Be Light!

Making sure your food is in a well-lit area can make a huge difference to pictures – natural daylight is the best.

Hird’s Family Fisheries based in Halifax took this tasty picture (above) with a mobile phone.

Try making sure you have a window behind you, allowing plenty of natural daylight to flood the frame.

Not surprisingly, Hirds got plenty of ‘likes’ from customers who added a freshly-baked donut to their order.

Think In Colour

Colourful dishes look great on camera – check out this sushi platter from Sushi Rise in Crouch End.

Again, this pic was taken using a mobile phone and uploaded to Facebook in just seconds.

Remember to include your website link with all posts to encourage visitors to click through and place an order.

Experiment With Your Serve

Using a slate or a traditional serving dish like this Anatolian dish (above) from Skewd Kitchen in Cockfosters can add interest to your pictures.

It can also make the dish more interesting and memorable.

Do Something Different

Why not post something seasonal? It encourages customers to try something new.

This deep-fried cream egg (above) from Lowford Fish Bar got people talking!

You can use hashtags to help your image gets seen by more people who are searching similar themes. #BatteredCremeEggs

Go Above (And Beyond)

Food shots taken from above can look great! It works well with this tasty roast dinner from Skewd Kitchen.

But it might not work or all dishes. A burger would be all about the bun.

Here’s a handy video for taking food pics from above.

Perfect Your Presentation

It’s important to keep counters clean and make sure food is well presented. This ‘Big Night In’ bundle from Rawcliffe Pizzaria caught people’s interest. A plain, neat background can also help your dish to ‘pop’ out more.

Hold Super Still

No one likes a blurry burger or a wobbly wrap! Fill the photo frame with your dish and hold the camera still, allowing it to focus easily. The team at Wrap It Up in London seem to be pros at this!

So to summarise!

  1. Invest in a smart phone with a good camera

  2. Take all food pictures in a well-lit area

  3. Colourful dishes attract more attention

  4. Be mindful of how clean and tidy your business looks

  5. Share unique dishes – what makes your menu stand out

  6. Keep the camera as still as possible

  7. Take advantage of our FREE social media support

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