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How to Sell More Online – Top Tips for Restaurants

Never before have restaurateurs had to adapt so quickly to change.

Social distancing and curfews have forced many businesses to move online and offer online ordering and pre-booking services.

In effect, restaurateurs have had to become digital experts overnight – on top of other challenges presented by the pandemic.

Having a website is just the beginning

The good news is that the businesses that are getting it right are doing really well, but having a website is just the beginning.

In this article, we’d like to share the basic – but often neglected ­– cornerstones of selling more online.

Get on Google My Business

No matter how much your customers love you, not everyone can remember your website by heart – but they will almost certainly search for it on Google.

That’s why it’s so important to be on Google My Business – it’s a free tool that helps businesses to create and manage their Google listings.

It offers people directions to your restaurant, contact details, opening times, website link and ratings via Google Reviews.

Google also has many other features which it’s worth taking time to consider

Google also has many other features which it’s worth taking time to consider.

This includes ‘posts’ which allow you to share news, offers and company updates.

The best part is that Google will send you regular updates on how your page is performing, includes clicks to your website and calls made.

Start Your Google My Business Page

Advertise on Social

Your Google pages may help existing customers to find you (if they are looking) – but if you want to attract new customers, you must advertise.

But don’t panic, good adverts don’t have to cost the earth.

Spend your budget on the people that matter the most.

Facebook allows even the biggest technophobes to easily target customers based on location, age, gender and more.

This means you can spend your budget on the people that matter the most.

You can advertise for as little as a few pounds and Facebook provides real time analytics.

This means you can see clicks and engagements immediately, helping you to get a clear return on your investment.

Read More About Facebook Advertising

Email Your Customers

It’s surprising the number of smaller restaurants and takeaways that do not email customers.

Especially when, in an age of constant distractions, even your best customers can forget about you.

Even your best customers can forget about you

Email campaigns are a great way to let customers know about special events, offers and to increase sales during quieter periods.

Sign up forms can be added to your website using Mail Chimp.

Its basic free package allows you to have up to 2000 contacts and send up to 10,000 emails a month – not bad, huh?

Getting customers’ emails in the first place is easier than you think – why not add a sign up form to business cards or receipts?

Start Your Email Database on Mail Chimp

Go Large on Sides and Extras

As with any kind of online shopping, when you are ordering online, it’s easy to spend more.

That’s why sides and extras are even more important for your online ordering menu.

Charging for extras like bacon and jalapenos on a burger can help to quickly increase sales.

And don’t forget pudding – more people are dining in instead of going out ­– so they are willing to indulge in a treat.

Check Out Our Chef-Quality, Pre-Sliced Cakes.

Prepare to Become a One Stop Shop

As cities begin local lockdowns or prepare for the inevitability of one, local communities may expect more from you.

Don’t be surprised if customers ask you for milk and toilet roll

Don’t be surprised if customers ask you for milk and toilet rolls when ordering a cod and chips!

If storage space allows, why not introduce Home Essentials to your takeaway menu to support your community while increasing online sales.

Shop Grocery Essentials Here.

Read our article on How to Start a Takeaway Service

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