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How To Place Orders Using JJ Advance Order

If you’re looking to use our JJ Advance Order (AO) service, but not quite sure how to place your order, then take a look at our step-by-step instructions below.

The service works in two different ways, giving London customers access to premium, locally-sourced products from partnered suppliers. More recently, we have extended the product range on offer at selected branches across the UK using the AO.

Placing an order using the AO service is a bit different than usual, so take a look at the below to understand it more.

What is JJ Advance Order?

Our AO service is an industry-leading buy-to-order offering, and we use it in two different ways:

  1. In our London branches, AO has allowed us to partner with local suppliers to offer fresh, buy-to-order premium products including restaurant-quality meats and poultry, fresh fish, and locally-sourced fruits and vegetables.

  2. To increase product choice in our smaller branches by using internal deliveries from our bigger depots. As a result of this, AO products are not available for same day collection.

How are Advance Order products different?

On our website, products with the AO tab in the image (example below) indicates these products are not held alongside the regularly stocked products at your local branch.

This means, once your order is placed and paid for, the specific AO products will then be prepared just for you and sent to your local branch from one of our bigger depots.

The location of your local branch will determine whether you can receive these products the very next day, or two days after placing your order, to allow time for the goods to arrive at your local branch.

Consequently, customers are not able to place a same-day collection order for AO products.

How to use JJ Advance Order

  1. Add your chosen AO products to your shopping basket

  2. Click into your basket to see the earliest date you can receive these products

  3. Amend your delivery or collection slot to this specified date

  4. Your product will then be delivered or available for collection on the chosen date

Please note: the specified date may be one or two days after the date you are placing the order, to allow time for the goods to be sent to your local branch.

To view the process step by step, take a look at this video:

The benefits of JJ Advance Order

  • Premium locally-sourced products are fresher than fresh - our restaurant-quality meats and poultry are cut to order by specialist butchers

  • Less waste - we only prepare orders that have been sold and paid for

  • Giving our customers' more choice at JJ's than ever before!

Discover the Advance Order products in your local branch over on our website - click here.

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