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How to Cook Steak Like a Pro

Updated: May 12, 2022

The weather is shaping up for the weekend – make the most of it with a last-minute BBQ for your family and friends!

If you’re cooking to impress, nothing beats a steak: the king of meats. But be careful not to make any school-boy errors.

We think the perfect way to cook steak is in the technique. So forget the fancy sauces and follow these rules to make it a legendary experience.

Buy a good steak

There’s a lot that can go wrong when you cook steak – you might over cook it, under cook it or have too many beers and forget about it completely.

But the most important starting point is buying a quality piece of meat. For a BBQ, we recommend our British Ribeye Steak.

Ribeye tends to be more fatty than other cuts, which helps to add flavour and juiciness, especially as it’s marbled throughout.

Size is important

A steak that’s too thin may cook too fast and dry out. Too fat and you might need to finish it in the oven.

We think around one-inch is the perfect thickness.

Try our Foyle Ribeye Steak Strip, it cuts perfectly into around 12 individual steaks.

Bring to room temperature

Steak will not cook evenly if you grill it straight from the fridge. Let it sit out for at least 20-30 minutes beforehand.

Oil and season

There’s no need to oil the grill – marinade the steak in olive oil and season well right before you cook it.

That way, the salt sits on the surface of the steak and the meat stays juicy.

If you do it before hand, the salt can draw out moisture.

Cook it super hot

Cook the steak at the highest heat you can get. The helps to caramelise the surface and give you a delicious charred crust.

We like to cook ours on white hot coals and recommend lump wood which burns hotter than self-lighting coal or briquettes.

Around one and a half minutes on each side is about right for medium rare. Although this will vary depending on the cooking temperature and steak size.

Leave the steak ALONE!

When your steak is ready, place it on a cutting board and let it rest for 10 minutes.

It’s temping to get stuck in straight away but leaving it to sit will help the muscle fibres to rest and juices to be re-absorbed.

Our favourite way to serve it is to slice and share with friends.

FACT: Some people wash meat before they cook it but this can reduce the cooking temperature and leave you ‘boiling’ the steak instead of charring it.

Get Meaty BBQ Essentials

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These tips have been put together by our JJ Foodies. We are not professional chefs, but we love quick and tasty recipes. Feel free to tweak the advice as you like, we won’t be offended.

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