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HOW to BBQ in the Rain

Battling the elements to have a BBQ in the rain is all part of the fun when you live in the UK.

The truth is, a die-hard griller will not let anything stop them from firing up the coals, including wind, rain and storms.

So, like gladiators, we must prepare for battle!

Here are our essential tips.

Step 1. Go Slow

A wise decision if you know the weather is bad is to avoid meats that need constant turning and maintenance.

So, unless you have an overhanging roof to keep everything dry – go for the slower cooking meats like lamb shoulder, chicken and pork belly.

Step 2. Use More Coal

Rain will bring the temperature of your BBQ down, so make sure you have plenty of charcoal.

Consider using lump wood which burns hotter for longer or try our restaurant grade charcoal.

You will need to shelter the BBQ. Stock up on fire lighters too to make sure you can get it started quickly.

Step 3. BBQ with Indirect Heat  

Cook an entire chicken in an hour and a half with little maintenance, when you cook with indirect heat.

Simply push the hot coals to either side of your grill, separate with a foil tray or oven tray in the middle.

Place the meat directly above the tray. Close the lid of your grill and the meat will cook slowly in the hot air circulating around it.

Just remember to top up the coals after 45 minutes or so and allow the chicken to rest before cutting.

Step 4. Go Big on Sides

Make sure you prepare plenty of delicious side dishes if you think your grilling ability may be limited.

It’s a good time to bring out the potato salads, coleslaws, olives and hummus. Why not try our new freezer-to-oven bakery range?

Step 5. Take a Shortcut

If the weather looks really bad, and your inner BBQ warrior does not want to come out – you may be tempted to accept defeat. Don’t.

A good half-way house is to precook your meat in the oven and finish on the grill, giving you the best of both worlds: well-cooked food with the smoky flavour that everyone loves. Well done you!

Get all your BBQ Essentials (apart from umbrellas) at JJ Foodservice

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