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Get Ready for Seafood Week

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 Did you know that October 6-13th is National Seafood Week?

Seafood Week celebrates the amazing fish and seafood on offer in the UK, creating the perfect platform for businesses to encourage more people, to eat more fish, more often – and ideally increase their sales.

As you should already know, JJ Food Service is home to lots of fish and chip essentials from Icelandic cod and haddock to chippy chips, mushy peas, batter mix, pickled eggs and gherkins, condiments and more!

So it’s a great time to support our customers to promote their businesses during this time.

Industry Association Seafish has produced a variety of promotional materials that may be of use by our chippy customers – check out what they have offered below and please do share this with your customers! 

  1. The Seafood Week 2017 Toolkit provides further insight to Seafood Week, and lots of suggestions as to how shops can get involved in the campaign – along with valuable assets such as a local media press release template, written and ready to be sent, to social media  ideas, downloadable logos, posters and bunting, etc.

  2. Shops can register their interest in Seafood Week 2017 at We’re always keen for interested shops to let us know know of any particular activities they may be undertaking for Seafood Week so that we can help them publicise/promote, etc.

  3. This case study regarding how another fish and chip business got involved in Seafood Week may also be of interest

  4. Seafish Asset Bank Photo Library: Completing the details at this link will enable shops to access and use the Seafish photo library – containing a wide variety of Seafood Week related promotional materials, suck as artwork for posters, stickers, digital adverts, etc.

  5. Seafish Online Shop: Shops can also order a range of other more general free of charge seafood related promotional posters and other promotional items at:

Keep your eyes peeled for great deals on fish and seafood during October 6th-13th – it’s likely that we will be celebrating with a fishy deal or two! 


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