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Get £200 for Night Shift referrals – share, share, share!

Fancy earning some extra cash? Recommend a friend for our new Night Shift vacancies in Enfield, Sidcup or Dagenham – if they pass their probation, you get £200!

Our Night Shift jobs are suitable for both men and women. There is no experience required, full training is provided and great progression opportunities.

“Night shift work is at the heart of our operations,” said Chief Operating Officer, Mushtaque Ahmed.

“As a 24/7 business with 60,000 catering customers to serve, it’s critical to have a team in place to prepare orders through the night”, he added.

Following the positive impact of our ‘Warehouse Women’ campaign, which helped to get more females working in warehouse roles, we are keen to get a better mix of men and women working our night shift.

“Women have had a fantastic impact on our day-time business – helping to improve accuracy and service. We are keen to achieve similar results with our Night Shift Crew.”

A video campaign has been launched highlighting the safety of night shift work at JJ Foodservice, including having well-lit premises, 24-hour security and secure car parking.

To refer a person, employees must complete a Candidate referral form, which is available from your line manager or your can download it here.  Completed forms should be passed on to either your line manager or Human Resources for the recruitment process to begin. Terms and Conditions Apply.

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