Four ideas to level up your lunch this National Picnic Week

Celebrate the tradition of picnicking this week. Bask in the British sunshine with a perfectly prepared spread.

Cafes, delis, and sandwich shops can take advantage of the picnic season, to prepare and sell hampers filled with a selection of sandwiches, small bites, snacks and drinks - all your customers need to bring is a blanket!

Offering a selection of foods and exploring different cuisines means you can cater to everyone's needs, and we have everything you need to do so.

Italian Inspiration

Get a bite of this! Spicy meatballs in salsa, sandwiched between a soft, pillowy sub roll - a lunch like no other!

Or, use our fresh heritage tomatoes and creamy mozzarella balls for a colourful caprese salad.

Alternatively, prepare a pasta salad filled with seasonal vegetables, or a slice of pizza ideal for the kids. Serve alongside a portion of mixed olives for a typical taste of Italy.

Transport your customers to the sunshine with a sparkling can of San Pellegrino, fruity and bubbly - perfect for a hot summer's day.

Add a Turkish twist

Swap the sarnies for simits, and the sausages for sucuk. Add a little Mediterranean influence to those wanting a different picnic experience.

Cut our Istanbul style simit through the middle and stuff with popular fillings for a new style of sandwich.

Slice up a toasted pitta and serve with a pot of houmous, some grilled Cyprus style cheese, and lamb kofte - a delicious mini feast!

Cool down with a chilled bottle of Ayran, and some Baklava as a sweet treat in the sun.

Aromatic Asian

Feature the flavours of Asia with our range of small bites, perfect to serve cold for a picnic feast.

Our range of samosas, falafels and spring rolls are ideal for large groups to pick on and share.

Switch sandwich options up by using a naan bread wrap, filled with pieces of chicken breast shish or our premium chicken tikka sandwich fillings. Cool it down with a drizzle of yoghurt and mint sauce, or spice it all up with some extra hot chilli sauce.

Add in a healthy snack alternative with our chilli and lemon flavoured lentil crisps, or some raisins and cocktail nuts mix.

Don't mess with a classic

Bloomer, bagel, or good old sliced bread - how do you like your sandwich?

Our large range of bread options and sandwich fillings range from chicken mayo to tuna and sweetcorn - there is something to suit every customer's tastes.

Freshly baked sausage rolls always go down a treat, and can be pre-baked and enjoyed cold later on. Add in some mini cheeses, crudites and dips, and a selection of crisps.

For a sweet treat, our selection of muffins, brownies and doughnuts are popular with the kids.

For a healthier choice, our locally sourced berries are refreshing in the sunshine, or offer a delicious teacake or scone smothered in clotted cream and fruity jam.

Quench their thirst with our huge range of drinks - there's something to suit everyone, adults and kids alike!

For everything you need to create the perfect picnic hamper, shop the range here.

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