Fixed Fish Prices to Support Restaurants Re-opening

Our NEW fish and seafood promotions are fixed for two months to support restaurants re-opening on July 4th.

Prices include MSC-certified cod from just £23.49 for 15 x 8-10oz fillets (that’s just £1.57 per fillet).

The deals include premium, Frozen at Sea Icelandic fish range, Line Caught and Individually Quick Frozen options – all sustainably sourced.

Chief Product Officer for JJ, Sezer Ozkul, said: “It’s difficult for restaurants and customers to know how busy things will be when their doors first open. This makes it even more important to pay attention to costs and waste.”

All products in the fish and seafood brochure have been fixed until the end of August to support restaurants to plan “sustainable and profitable menus,” said Sezer.

To support customers further, JJ has released a ‘Getting Ready to Re-Open’ guide. Topics include cleaning, cash flow and waste management.

The brochure includes a premium, Frozen at Sea Icelandic fish range

Download the Fish and Seafood Brochure here.

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