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FIVE Amazing Christmas Sandwich Ideas

Updated: May 18, 2022

Whether you’re a meathead or a dedicated vegan, there’s a Christmas sandwich out there for everyone – here’s five ideas to make the most of your seasonal leftovers.

That’s a Wrap

It’s not always easy to make leftovers look pretty, which is why wraps are a perfect option for a tidy Christmas lunch.

Throw in your cooked and shredded turkey, stuffing, and slice up your pigs in blankets – spread them evenly throughout the wrap.

Drizzle with a little mayo and a good dollop of cranberry sauce – roll it up and serve!

For bigger appetites, try upgrading your wrap to a more substantial flatbread.

Experiment with Bread

Ditch the sliced Hovis for a more exotic option! At JJ’s we sell everything from sourdough flatbread and brioche buns to wraps, baps, baguettes, and ciabatta.

If you really want to give your family and friends something to talk about, how about a bao bun? They’re tasty with roasted meats – try pork belly slices with apple sauce.

Vegetable Heaven

If you over-bought on the seasonal veg, why not whip up a roasted vegetable salad served with a warm roti or chapati, tear and scoop the salad up for a warming, stodgy feast.

For a layer of extra indulgence, crumble a little feta and pomegranate on top of your salad, and drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Open Sandwich Platters

Got a lot of sliced meats, smoked salmon and cheeses leftover, and don’t want everything to go to waste? No problem – open sandwiches are your friend.

They’re the perfect low-carb, high protein option!

Pile sliced meats on to cheese slices and spreads, with a sprinkling of salad on top.

Create an open-sandwich platter to cater for friends and family, adding a splash of colour and variety to the lunchtime table.

The Ultimate Indulgent Croissant

We’re not messing around now. This is our number one recommendation for Christmas dinner leftovers – it will put hairs on your chest, so brace yourself!

Warm up and slice roasted beef leftovers and serve in a fresh croissant with sliced blue cheese for a flavour explosion, perfect any time of day.

Swap the blue cheese for English mustard for a croissant with a kick!

Get all your Christmas sandwich essentials at JJ Foodservice!

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Merry Christmas from all our foodies at JJ’s. Please remember, our recipe ideas are our personal recommendations based on meals prepared at home. We do not profess to be professional chefs or the next contestants for MasterChef! We hope you enjoy.

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