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Enter our winter BBQ competition!

At JJ, we love BBQs so much that we want to offer £20 off your JJ shop for the person that holds the most delicious, creative winter BBQ!

Impress your guests with our Welsh lamb neck fillets – perfect cubed and skewered for a succulent shish. Of how about our sirloin steak strip for a grilled steak party – it’s about 5kg so perfect for sharing (if you have a sharp knife!).


If you’re not a fan of red meat, our chicken niblets are scrummy and great value at just £3.99/kg. Why not try them with a tasty hot and sticky marinade? Extra points will be awarded to those serving their meat with healthy sides and those cooking in the rain, as demonstrated in the picture (we love die hard grillers).

To take part in the competition, all you have to do is take pictures of your JJ Winter BBQ and email them to

Don’t forget to keep your receipt – the winner cannot be refunded without it!

Entries close on December 31st and the winner will be announced on the first week of January.


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