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Earn up to £2000 with FOODit

Calling ALL staff – we are giving away money! Seriously. This year we are doing a massive push on FOODit and we need your help.

So for every new customer who get’s £200 worth of orders through their website between now and May 10th, we’re going to give you £50. When the same restaurant hits £400 worth of orders, you get ANOTHER £50.

But wait, there’s MORE! You can earn an additional £1000 when you open ten or more successful accounts within the 13-week period. That’s a potential total of £2000!*

We want to give you all the advice and support you need along the way, so please refer to Omar’s excellent FOODit Sales Kit and check out our top tips below.

Need help whilst with a potential customer? Call Richard Bradshaw of FOODit on 07931 176987 for immediate assistance.

Every time you get a new FOODit customer up and running, let our social media team know so we can shout about it and get those orders piling in! Email

6 reasons why restaurants need FOODit

Increase sales – telephone ordering is fast-becoming history. Diners want to order online and on the go. The restaurants that respond will survive and thrive.

Save time – taking orders online frees up staff to spend less time on the phone and more time preparing delicious food – plus, you’ll never miss an order again.

Shine brighter – using large takeaway sites may seem attractive but with many restaurants doing the same, it’s becoming harder for independents to stand out.

Build a database – customer details are the gold mine of your business. Large takeaway sites do not offer you this vital information. Your own website would.

Free support – having a website alone is not enough to attract diners. FOODit provides social media and SEO support to turbo-charge your visibility.

Always paddle your own canoe – having your own transactional website will give you control of your business, your customers and your future.

So now you know why restaurants need FOODit, here’s how to sell it:

5 steps to sell FOODit

  1. Identify and analyse – check the restaurant has an online presence and is keen to invest in their future. A well-presented and clean exterior is a good start!

  2. Listen and learn – be open and honest. Understand the customers’ challenges by asking them about their experiences with takeaway sites. This will build trust.

  3. Educate – refer to the reasons above on how FOODit will benefit operators. Ultimately, they will increase sales, improve margin and be truly

  4. Case studies – restaurateurs are always keen to know what’s working for their competitors. Share the FOODit customer case studies available on YouTube.

  5. Offer support – some customers might be daunted at the prospect of marketing their website. Reassure them by offering the full support of our marketing teams.

*Ten restaurants must be ‘active’ on FOODit by the cut off date of May 10th 2017

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