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‘Design a Pizza’ Competition

We have launched a competition to promote our new plain pizza boxes (PIZ283) – and the new Super Stretch Buffalo Mozzarella (PIZ285)

It’s time to get your creative juices flowing and design a delicious, cheesy feast – first of all, just think up an original, fun, tasty pizza, then draw it on the plain pizza box! There are no rules – just dough what you can.

Last but not yeast, write the name of the pizza, ingredients and details of the person (or department) entering on the back.

You want a pizza me: JJ’s purchasing department enter a ‘Pizza Map’ with ingredients named after tube stations. Can you top that?

Remember there are no rules – just make sure you think outside the box.

The competition is open to ALL JJ Foodservice branches. If you are based in Enfield, simply pick up a box from behind Terry Larkin’s desk.

They mostly come out at night… mostly. Omar’s Alien Invasion pizza, that is. Is it “Game Over” for everyone else?

Leave your finished box in the same place.

If you are entering from a different branch – email a picture of the details to

A shortlist will be announced in early May and the winner will receive a pizza-related prize.

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