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Caterers get 56 days to pay their bills with the JJ Foodservice Visa Card

The JJ Foodservice Visa Card has been so successful since its launch less than 12 months ago that the terms have now increased to 56 days from 37 days and the maximum spending limit doubled from £25,000 to £50,000.

The JJ Foodservice Visa Card is now providing UK caterers with more than £3,400,000 in credit a month, a milestone for the initiative, since its launch in October 2017.

The JJ Foodservice Visa Card originally offered caterers up to £25,000 to spend and up to 37 days of interest-free credit, with no monthly or annual fees.

Group General Manager for JJ Foodservice, Terry Larkin, said: “We are delighted to be able to support independent caterers with one of their biggest challenges; managing cash flow.”

He added, “We provide credit limits that are affordable and beneficial for businesses allowing caterers to buy the stock they need. Now with longer terms to repay, we’re supporting them to improve their cash flow.”

New customers will get access to the new terms with immediate effect and current customers will be reached out to over the next few months to be offered the new terms.

Since the launch of the card, the average customer is spending 30% more at JJ Foodservice and other food suppliers. New from September, customers will also be able to earn cash back.

Caterers can register their interest for the JJ Foodservice Visa Card here:


About the JJ Foodservice Visa Card

The JJ Foodservice Visa Card can be used to pay for everything from petrol and utilities to catering supplies, including food from competitor wholesalers. The card is already helping many caterers to expand. Sharjheel, Owner of fast food outlet Grill Palace, Slough, said, “After just a few weeks of trading with the card business has been booming! We asked for an increase on the card limit and it was approved the same day.”

The JJ Foodservice Visa Card is accepted by millions of retailers worldwide. The application process takes just two minutes and does not impact a caterers’ credit score. Customers can access their account 24/7 and the card can be used anywhere displaying the Visa Card logo. The application process does not impact the customer’s credit score. Register your interest for the JJ Food Service Visa Card here:

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