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Breakfast Briefing with Queenie Porter

Updated: May 18, 2022

On the 24th of November, we hosted our first in-person breakfast briefing with the amazing Queenie Porter from WOW Hydrate. As Head of Commercial, Queenie chaired the discussion with an important theme in the workplace: how to pioneer an all-peer culture.

With managers and team members across many departments in attendance, self-made entrepreneur Queenie had a room full of avid listeners to discuss her personal experiences with team inclusion through her career growth in companies including Topshop, Co-op and now WOW Hydrate; and shared some top tips on how to communicate effectively with your team to reach the ‘one goal’ for the business.

Some of the key takeaways from her talk were:

  • Encouraging entrepreneurial spirit in all employees

  • Queenie emphasized the importance of ensuring all employees feel values with whatever they bring to the table, even the smallest of ideas.

  • Celebrating successes as a team, no matter how small

  • Queenie shared how important it is in a working environment to celebrate small wins, as those little achievements all contribute to the bigger company successes.

  • Understanding that all teams within the company have a part to play in the bigger picture – working towards that ‘one goal’

  • Regardless of each person’s level within the business, Queenie highlighted how important it is for every individual to understand the one main goal of the business that they are working towards.

  • Encouraging teams to talk out loud with open brainstorming

  • In order to understand how different team members could assist with issues another person might be experiencing in their job role, Queenie stressed the importance of communication within departments to ensure every individual has a clear understanding of their role within that department.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Queenie for taking the time to visit our team and share her knowledge – and also thank you for the excellent WOW Hydrate goodies.

The 1-hour workshops are designed to not only broaden people’s thinking, but also to inspire our employees and encourage them to think in a more collaborative way towards any business challenges.

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