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Bonfire Night: Winter Warmers

Updated: May 18, 2022

This year, make the most of bonfire night by getting together with friends and family.

Unlike last year, we can finally host a get together and we are here to help you put on a spread full of bonfire night winter warmers to impress your guests. By preparing beforehand, there will be minimal cooking during the party meaning you can entertain your guests with no fuss!

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

This autumnal soup can be prepared in advance and warmed through before your guests arrive. Cook it in a big pot on the stove and leave it for your guests to serve themselves – they’ll definitely be back for seconds.

Our soup features:

Party Platter

Set up a selection of finger food that can stay on the table and your guests can go back to all evening. There will be something to suit even those fussy eaters!

Some finger food ideas:

Jacket Potatoes

Jacket potatoes are the ultimate comfort food on a cold winters evening. Cook up a big batch of chilli con carne to serve alongside the potato. If you’ve set up a bonfire in the garden, cook the potatoes in some foil next to the fire. If not, pre-cook them in the oven and leave them in there to keep warm for whenever your guests fancy one.

As well as chilli, you can also serve with classic baked beans and cheese, or some crispy streaky bacon.

What you’ll need:

Ultimate BBQ Feast

BBQ’s don’t just have to be for summer. It’s an easy way to entertain your guests and keep them warm at the same time! A meaty feast fresh off the grill will delight both adults and children. Set up a condiments station inside the house for your guests to customise their food.

What you’ll need:

Toffee Apples

The perfect sweet treat for Guy Fawkes night, toffee apples are definitely a hit with the kids!

Toffee apple essentials:

Hot Chocolate

There’s no better way to warm up than with a comforting mug of hot chocolate whilst watching the fireworks. We love ours with a huge swirl of whipped cream and marshmallows.

You will need:

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