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Basingstoke Ladies Win Five Star Campaign

Congratulations to Toni and Karolina from JJ Food Service Basingstoke for winning our Five Star Employee campaign! 


When we launched the Five Star Employee back in July, it was easy to think that one of our bigger branches would win. After all, they have more footfall, right? Wrong! Two ladies at JJ’s Basingstoke branch, the smallest of JJ’s 11 UK sites, scooped the prize after offering exceptional service.

The duo who joined JJ three years ago, on the same day, received more than 180 votes between them – 52% of total votes across all branches. The secret of their success is simple – be “polite, patient and smile” says Toni, who started out in the warehouse where she got to know many of her customers, helping them load goods into their cars. “We know them all so well, as soon as we see them drive in, we have their goods ready to pick up. It’s small things like that, that make a big difference,” she says.

How did the girls receive so many votes? They took the initiative to print promotional adverts in postcard size. “We have posters around the depot but it’s easy to forget once you leave so we printed handy pocket size flyers, too. Our customers were more than happy to vote for us”, says Karolina.

Having a good team helps to keep spirits high . “Every day we work hard and have fun – it’s a great atmosphere. Our branch manager Mustafa Sen is a really supportive,” she adds.

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