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All JJ Branches are Now MSC certified!   

We have BIG news! JJ Foodservice branches are now MSC-certified and meet the science-based requirement for sustainable fishing.

The MSC is the world’s leading eco-label for sustainable fish and seafood. Any fish with the MSC label can be traced back to a sustainable source.

Group General Manager at JJ Foodservice, Terry Larkin, said, “People care about where their food has come from, so we are making it easy for food outlets to choose products that have been caught by fishermen using environmentally-friendly methods.”

Caterers can search ‘MSC’ on the JJ Foodservice website to find the MSC-certified product range available at their local branch.

Supporting the Supply Line 

JJ’s is further supporting the fish and seafood food sector by offering credit to customers and ensuring that trawler owners are paid on time.

“Rising fish and potato prices mean that fish and chip shops face a particularly competitive trading environment. Some suppliers to the sector offer customers’ credit from their own business, which can potentially slow down payments to trawler owners”, said Terry.

JJ offers customers up to 56 days of interest-free credit on up to £50,000 via the JJ Foodservice Visa Card – a third party is used to manage the card.

“This means our cash flow remains strong and we can pay all our trawlers on time or even early,” said Terry.

JJ Foodservice recently released a ‘Nine Things to Try on Your Fish and Chip Menu‘ blog to encourage fish and chip businesses to introduce more margin-boosting dishes to their menus.



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